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Faye Delbridge
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I have thought a lot lately, about how I ended up falling in love with real estate.  At a young age, I tried to figure out what I wanted to do when I grew up (you probably did too).  My mother was a nurse, and I always had an interest in the medical field.  I graduated from Boise State and started my career transcribing medical and surgical reports for hospitals and doctors, and eventually managed medical record departments of hospitals.  But I still was not satisfied.  I ventured out working for attorneys and vice presidents and presidents of corporations.   I learned the value of hard work, dependability, trustworthiness and most of all to treat people well.  But I was still missing something.  In 2005, my husband, John, our son and I created our first business building new homes and, in 2006, I became a Realtor!  By utilizing all the incredible skills I learned through the years (being detail oriented, great communication, can-do attitude, people pleaser and down-to-earth appreciation for people), I realized I loved helping families find and sell their homes.  I have high-tech skills, the information to price your home right the first time and am a great problem solver and negotiator.  Most of all, I love “Creating results that move you!”